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Comprised of its mainland and the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa.  A large central plateau makes up most of the mainland, and the mountain ranges of the Eastern Arc and the Southern and Northern Highlands cut across the country to form part of the Great Rift Valley.  A land of geographical extremes, Tanzania has the highest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro, the lowest point – the lake bed of Lake Tanganyika, and the largest lake – Lake Victoria, on the continent.

Southern Tanzania

The sheer vastness of southern Tanzania makes for some spectacular game viewing and superb vistas. An additional benefit is the remoteness of the location, which means that most visitors to these areas rarely see another car during game drives. A trip to the parks of southern Tanzania allows visitors to learn about complex ecosystems and the diverse living creatures that are usually skimmed over in more crowded areas. A visit to the southern Safari circuit is a trip into an unexplored and wild Africa.

KervanPemba Island

Pemba Island is Tanzania’s northernmost Indian Ocean island and closest to the equator.  Pemba has some of the steepest walls and bluest water with schools of jackfish, batfish, snapper and pompano streaking past. It is also home to a large  array of Macro creatures that delight photographers and tourist divers alike.  South Pacific Island Travel recommends Swahili Divers and Kervan Saray Beach Lodge.

South Africa

South African Shark Adventure  – This amazing shark experience begins with 3 nights in Cape Town and the thrill of a Great White cage dive and a combined dive with Seals and Shy Sharks.   Then fly to Umkomaas for dives on Aliwal Shoal and a baited Tiger Shark dive.   At roughly 3km in length and approximately 1km wide at its widest point, the reef has an abundance of fish life and corals, both soft and hard. Its real beauty is appreciated once it has been dived.  Dive with Ragged Tooth Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Manta Rays, Dolphins and Whale Sharks.  The Shark Adventure itinerary ends with 2 nights at Shelly Beach and dives on Protea banks, where bull sharks are prevalent.

Sardine Adventure – The Sardine Run of Southern Africa occurs from June through July when billions of Sardines move northwards along the East Coast of South Africa. Their sheer numbers create a feeding frenzy along the coastline. It involves and affects many marine animals. Great white sharks, copper sharks, common dolphins, game fish, whales and cape gannets are some of the predators that pursue the shoals northwards. Witness this spectacular and unforgettable experience. This adventure is for scuba divers, snorkelers, non-divers, dolphin and whale enthusiasts and all nature lovers.

Shark, Reef and Safari - Consider a 10-day itinerary that combines the unique animal life both on and off-shore.  Highlights include: 5 days of diving followed by 3 days land/boat safari with 4 game drives, St. Lucia boat cruise for hippos and bird viewing.  The last night is spent at Duma Zulu for a traditional Zulu cultural show and meal.

Ethiopia – A Country to Discover

With its high plateaus of green hills and desert canyons, authentic tribal safaris and wildlife you can get very close to, Ethiopia is a country to discover. Travel to the south Omo area to visit the tribes, each with their own culture.  Learn about the Mursi women and the significance of their lip plates; or about the Hammer people and their male rite of passage – the jumping of the bulls. 

Ethiopian Huts Ethiopian Girl
Baboon Gonder

The varying traditions within each tribe are fascinating. This is one of the few places you can see people living as they have for centuries.  Get off the beaten track where not many tourists travel.  You will feel safe with your guide and drivers.

Along the way see the Colobus monkeys, hyenas and vultures.  Go trekking in the Simien Mountains and see ibex and Galeda baboons.

Visit Gonder and see the castles and the Italian influence on the city.  Then take a short flight to Lalibela and tour the famous rock-hewn churches, some dating from the 12thcentury.

Visit the largest mercato in Africa in the capital of Addis Ababa. Get lost amongst the locals where you can find anything for sale. There are many other areas to visit in Ethiopia.

We work with great tour operators in Africa.  Call us and we can help tailor an itinerary just for you!