The Land Down Under

Australia kangarooNot only is Australia the sixth largest country in the world, it is also its own continent and about the same size as the lower 48 states. Australia is a land full of powerful experiences just waiting to be discovered, from encounters with incredible wildlife on land and underwater, to pulse-pounding extreme adventures.

South Pacific Island Travel can arrange land tours and live-aboard adventures.

To experience the tropical splendor of the Great Barrier Reef, live-aboard dive boats such as Mike Ball’s Supersport, Pro Dive’s Tusa Dive, Taka, and Spirit of Freedom, all offer trips starting with 3 night adventures. For additional information, please see our Live-Aboard Page

Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs

Dive the turquoise waters among an amazing chain of diverse coral reefs, where clouds of colorful tropical fish, moray eels, reef sharks, turtles and giant potato cod dwell.

Diving Cod Hole Cod Hole

Coral Sea

Beyond the continental shelf that harbors the Great Barrier Reef, lies the isolated reef system and crystal clear waters of Australia’s Coral Sea. Dive with the sharks and other large pelagics that cruise this undersea world of pinnacles and sheer walls rising from thousands of feet below.

Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment is a rare and exhilarating experience. Dolphins are common along the entire coastline, but Western Australia, Baird Bay and Port Phillips Bay are the place for these unforgettable encounters.

Australia Land Tours

Sydney opera HouseOne of the most memorable experiences you can have is to cuddle a koala. At wildlife parks within easy reach of several major cities you can hold, feed and photograph these delightful and beguiling creatures.

Climbing Sydney’s Harbor Bridge offers its own reward, one of the most spectacular harbor views on the planet. Drink in the dramatic contrast of sparkling sapphire water against the white sails of the Opera House below you, and breathe the crisp, clean air.

Port Arthur has a rich and shadowy heritage. Historic prisons, graveyards, caves and convict ruins provide a colorful backdrop for ghost tours.

Australia Ayers RockThe best way to understand the rich cultural diversity of Australia’s ancient indigenous people is to experience it with Aboriginal people. There are many Aboriginal owned and operated enterprises that help you explore their dramatically different world.