A Divers Haven

The state of Chuuk is a diver’s haven. The many islands within this huge atoll are blessed with staggering natural beauty. The outer barrier reef is punctuated with idyllic sand spits dotted with coconut palms. The high islands in the central lagoon rise into the sapphire island skies.

Chuuk, with its vast, shallow, picturesque lagoon is a Mecca for wreck divers. A major shipwreck site from WWII, Truk Lagoon is unquestionably the world’s best shipwreck diving destination. Here, more than 50 wrecks have been transformed into shipreefs, holding the very best of the undersea world and maritime history all at once.

Resorts/Dive Operators

Truk Blue Lagoon Resort – Located on the island of Moen in Chuuk, this resort offers a breathtaking view of the world famous “Truk Lagoon”. With 54 modern, spacious and air conditioned rooms, it is the perfect location for both divers and business travelers. The Blue Lagoon Dive Shop is conveniently located on the grounds, making it easy for you to take a motorboat excursion to distant atolls for snorkeling or diving.

South Pacific Island Travel also recommends the Truk Stop Hotel.

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