The Jewel of Micronesia

Kosrae scenicThe state of Kosrae is the crown jewel of Micronesia. With its pristine coral reefs and bountiful marine life, secluded white sandy beaches, dugout canoe rides through ancient mangrove forest canals and Neolithic archeological ruins, Kosrae is a prime destination.


Kosrae Village – Situated under the shade of mangroves and coconut trees, Kosrae Village offers traditional Micronesian style cottages. Their PADI dive shop will take you underwater where you can see for yourself the marine life common to Micronesia, such as butterfly fish, sharks, manta rays, clown fish and the magnificently colorful coral.

Pohnpei – The Garden State of Micronesia

Pohnpei is the largest and tallest island in the Federated States of Micronesia. Its peaks get plenty of rainfall, creating more than 40 rivers that feed the lush upper rain forest. Pohnpei's waterfalls range from charming to spectacular, creating an invigorating and awe-inspiring experience for those venturing to the base of the falls. South Pacific Island Travel can arrange accommodations and tours at The Village Resort, Sea Breeze Hotel and Harbour View Hotel.


Nan Madol – This mysterious ancient stone city is Micronesia’s best known archaeological site. Known as the “Venice of the Pacific” Nan Madol is a city built on 100 man-made islands on the tidal reef off the southeast coast of Pohnpei. Legend has it that the two brothers who founded the ruling Saudeluer Dynasty and built Nan Madol used sorcery to make the stone logs fly through the air and form themselves into walls and buildings. It is 45 minute boat ride from the main town of Kolonia and a full day tour, which includes a visit to the Keprohi Waterfall, snorkeling and a picnic lunch on a nearby island.

Kosrae WaterfallKolonia Historical Tour – A walking tour of historical sites in Kolonia can be completed in a couple of hours and include the remnants of the Spanish Wall that was built in 1899, the German Bell Tower, the Lidorkini Museum, the Pohnpei State Botanical Garden, an occasional Japanese tank and the Japanese shrine.

Liduduhiap Waterfall - A 20-minute drive from Kolonia takes you to the Nanpil River and Liduduhniap Waterfalls. They are twin falls with an upper and lower level and are a popular place to swim. It is only a short walk to the falls and there is a large pool, thatched huts and picnic area.

Outer Islands

Outer island trips are available via charter plane or ship to Mwoakilloa, Pingelap, Nukuoro, Oroluk, Sapwuafik, and Kapingamarangi. Oroluk Atoll has been made into a reserve for large numbers of hawksbill and Pacific green turtles and is beginning to attract groups of divers. Life is lived as it has been for centuries on these islands, in traditional harmony with nature and the sea. The islanders subsist almost entirely on local foods such as taro, bananas, fish and breadfruit.