Heart of the Coral Triangle

Raja Ampat’s reefs are an oceanic crossroads where the Pacific and Indian Ocean species collide. The archipelago’s gateway is Sorong. From here, live-aboards offer divers the luxury of exploring he archipelago from South to North. The Southern most Misool Island group teems with coral gardens, cave systems and mangroves. These southern waters boast blue holes at Jef Pele, towering burial caves at Tomolol, dramatic soft coral walls at Wayalibit Chanel and schooling yellowtail barracuda & bigeye trevally at Fabiacet Rocks. 

Misool Eco ResortIf you are not a live-aboard fan enjoy the best the southern islands have to offer from Misool Eco Resort. The small resort is located on the private island of Batbitim, nestled deep in a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, 150 miles from the nearest resort and half a day’s journey from the nearest village. Raja Ampat has over 700 species of mollusks and 1,200 species of fish. Counted among those is the newly discovered ‘walking’ epaulette shark, commonly seen on night dives on the house reef.

Northwest of Misool are Kofiau and Walo Islands, both very popular for diving and the site of a record fish count. Further north he winding passages of Aljui Bay at Waigeo Island, offering incredible wall dives, superb muck diving, hordes of leaf fish and Ambon Scorpionfish.

At the center of Raja Ampat is Kri Island and its surrounding reefs. The currents of Dampier Strait pour past the front door of Sorido Bay Resort & Kri Eco Resort.

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